Bukit Batok East Spring View Residents' Committee is an organization that is run by the residents of the Bukit Batok East Spring View estate.

With the leadership of the chairman, the committee promotes neighbourliness, harmony, community cohesiveness among the residents through sports, social, cultural and other activities. Through these activties, residents interact with one and another and understand government actions and policies which affect their lives and neighbours.

Spring View Residents' Committee operates with the advice from the advisor of Bukit Batok East GROs and MP for Jurong GRC, Mdm Halimah Yacob.

The missions of Bukit Batok East Spring View Residents' Committee are

  1. to promote neighbourliness, harmony and cohesiveness among the residents;
  2. to liaise with and make recommendations to governmental authorities on the needs and aspirations of residents;
  3. to disseminate information and channel feedback on government policies and actions from residents; and
  4. to promote good citizenship among residents.

How to join the Residents' Committee

Volunteer or be nominated by residents under the Residents Nomination Scheme (RNS). This scheme gives residents the opportunity to have a say on who becomes part of the Residents' Committee.

Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents, aged 18 and above and living within Spring View Estate, can be nominated to join the Residents' Committee.

Interested in nominating someone to be part of Spring View Residents' Committee? Complete and submit the nomination form.