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Here are the answers to the questions.


Dumpling Festival is also known as Dragon Boat Festival

Dumpling Festival has its roots in Patriotism and Politics

Every which day does LEGO Interest Group is available at SVRC ? Friday


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 Chew Yen Tin  Sxxxx046Z   290A 
 Yoke Kai Wen  Sxxxx421F  290B
 Yeo Ah Cheo  Sxxxx456A  290B
 Wong Hui Min  Txxxx916A  290D
 Wu Ching-Yi  Sxxxx047F  290D
 Lim Lih Mei  Sxxxx232B  290F
 Tan Peck Eng  Sxxxx942d  290G
 Swapnapriya  Txxxx681B  291B
 Hemanthkumar  Txxxx746E  291E
 Vaishnavi  Txxxx829i  291E